Saturday, September 20, 2008

Just A Party 2008

It's hard to imagine, after last year's smashing success, that this year's "Just A Party" could possibly be bigger or better . . . but it was ! I hope you were there, it's a thing that townsfolk shouldn't miss. It takes powerful organizing skills to create an event like this but we are fortunate to have such skills in the person of Councilwoman Marie Burke, the prime force behind our town party.

Mayor Raymond Kimble welcomes the crowd and bids all to "enjoy".

Deputy Mayor Kevin Kennedy adds his welcome.

Councilman Michael Nicosia announcing an upcoming event in Silver Lake saluting the "Jersey Boys".
Every bit like our civic ancestors of the old Second River days, the good folks of Belleville are a hard working, civic minded group, intent upon building a superior family town for the new twenty-first century. This was clear to see from the many service groups who set-up shop on the party grounds; the Belleville Public Library and Information Center, the Community Emergency Response Team, the Clara Maass Medical Center, the Silver Lake Civic Association, the Woman's Club of Belleville, the Optimist's Club of Belleville to point out just a few of those in attendance.

But, at the end of the day, we like to party . . . and what a party ! What's your pleasure ? . . . singing, dancing, eating ? Would you like something for the kids ? You will see a small sample of that in the slide shows below. The high-light this year was a magnificent carousel. Maybe you came for the Latin jazz or the great Doo-Op music or maybe to search for a bit of treasure from the vendors. No one went home disappointed.

. . . and if that wasn't enough, there were free doughnuts ! . . . which was very fitting since the art of doughnut making was brought to America by our civic ancestors here in Second River along with the other Dutch colonials in the Hudson Valley area.

I think just about everyone in town was there, but if you were one of the few who couldn't make it this year, here is a selection of photos :

and more . . .

See ya next year !