Friday, September 18, 2009

Just A Party 2009

Our Selection for "Hostess of the Year"

What if you threw a party and thousands upon thousands of people came ... and you were responsible for feeding them a vast array of gourmet delights from many cultures, entertaining them, making their children squeal with glee and leaving them so pleased that they would sing and dance all night ? Well, for the fifth consecutive year, our selection for "Hostess of the Year", Councilwoman Marie Strumolo Burke has done just that.

Not since the golden days of Hillside Pleasure Park has it been possible to have such a good time in this old town. It is hard to say which was the best part. Was it watching the children laughing and enjoying the rides and games, or perhaps the live entertainment kicked-off by our own very talented, award winning, high school orchestra and then featuring two of the greatest doo-op groups you will ever hear and still others. Your author-here-present particularly enjoyed following the trail of aromas of the sizzling international cuisine side-by-side with old American favorites. It is best to not eat for three days before going to the party.

We are making history here. Each year the crowd gets larger, the word is out now. "Don't miss it", is the word on the street. If by some unfortunate chance, you were otherwise occupied the evening of the party, you can see a video above [click on the "start" icon to load it] and the slide show below. A viewing tip for the slide show - you can pause the display by placing your cursor over a picture and clicking on the "pause" icon. If you click on one of the small pictures to the right, it will be the next one to appear enlarged. Enjoy ! ... and hope to see you there next year.