Monday, November 16, 2009

Home Room Teachers 1949

Here's a bit of nostalgia and trivia for the oldtimers in town. I have come across a list of the home room teacher assignments at the high school for 1949 and I thought it might be fun to share it. Some of those teachers were still there when I graduated in '62 ! You may see some familiar names here if went to BHS anytime during the '50s or ''60s.

The principal was Mr. Kittle. He had been a member of the staff since 1928. However, in November of 1942, he became Navy Lieutenant Hugh D. Kittle, taking leave from his post at the high school to serve in the military during WWII. His temporary replacement was Harold Dufford. Mr. Kittle's last year as principal of BHS was my first year. I remember him as a good man, admired and respected by all of the students.
Here's the list -
Freshmen Home Rooms
7 Mr. Spotts
8 Mr. Lees
9 Mrs. E. Hutchinson
10 Mrs. Denison
111 Mr. Babb
112 Mrs. O. Hutchinson
113 Miss Weidman
114 Mr. Gabry
117 Mr. Diehl
Cafe A Mrs. Brown
Cafe B Mr. Smith

Sophomore Home Rooms
210 Miss Maffeo
211 Miss McDonald
102 Mrs. Kapp
103 Mr. Chiara
104 Miss Hollberg
107 Mr. Brennan
108 Miss Deininger
109 Mrs. Siegel
110 Mr. Grossman

Junior Home Rooms
311 Miss Andree
203 Mrs. Emick
204 Mr. Adams
205 Mr. Chapman
206 Miss Nelson
208 Mr. Gialanella
209 Miss Dye

Senior Home Rooms
302 Miss Sanford
303 Mr. Beha
304 Mr. Brown
306 Mr. Wilcox
307 Mr. Correll
308 Miss Gray
309 Mrs. Snedeker

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