Tuesday, April 10, 2007

New Cherry Blossom Trees

Work in progress.
Here is an opportunity for readers of this Blog to witness our village history as it is happening. This is the first time since 1937, yes, that’s 70 years ago, that such a massive planting of new cherry blossom trees has been undertaken. There will be 2,000 new trees planted in Branch Brook Park over the next three years; a large number of those to be along Second River. This is the first installment.

Back in 1937, when the display was first created, 3,400 trees were planted. For long afterwards we fancied ourselves as the “Cherry Blossom Capital of America” which is really quite true. However, these trees have a thirty-year life span and re-planting programs have ranged from sporadic to non-existent. Thus, last time a count was taken, two years ago, there were but 1,100 trees remaining.

Every citizen of the village should be well pleased to know that, upon completion of the current program, the tree count will have been restored to historic numbers and we shall resume our place at the center of national attention. Yes, our display has been and will now again be larger than our nearest competitor, Washington D.C.