Monday, November 19, 2007

Cherry Blossom Trees in Autumn

Those tens of thousands of visitors who come to town each Spring to view our Cherry Blossom tree display are missing out on a real treat when they do not return in late October and early November to see the explosive Autumn display of vibrant colors afforded by our trees. Fall foliage is pleasant to see anywhere, however, our trees offer a unique opportunity to see a stunning array of rich, contrasting shades of nature's very best artwork. There are many different species of trees in the park, each one with it own way of celebrating the harvest season. There are more shades of red than you can count blended with plum hues, yellows, bright orange, burnt orange, amber and elegant shades of copper. Sometimes you see several colors on the same tree. All the new, young trees planted this spring are already making their contribution, now, to this fall extravaganza. Autumn has come late this year. The weather has been so warm that a few of the younger trees were fooled into reacting to the Spring-like temperatures and began blossoming. It was really strange to see cherry blossoms in October ! Better see the Autumn colors quickly though, as in springtime, the display doesn't last long. It would be a pity to miss it.

This second pageant of color is one we reserve for ourselves. If we were the tourist center that we should be, there would be a steady stream of visitors sharing it with us. We certainly have ample opportunity to be a thriving tourist center, not only for our famous cherry blossoms, but as the acknowledged birthplace of the American Industrial Revolution and as one of the very early Dutch settlements in New Netherland, not to mention the Battle of Second River where our stalwart citizens stood off the British army in a holding action while General George Washington made a hasty retreat to save his troupes and his neck. But, alas, no one has attempted to develop our potential. I guess the town just doesn't need the extra business, besides, it would only crowd our streets with tourists wanting to spend money. Perhaps it is better this way; we enjoy this Autumn display in peace and quiet. Some folks may think it odd to put the words 'peaceful' and 'tranquil' in the same sentence with Belleville, but, if you have not taken the time to spend a quiet Autumn afternoon among the cherry blossom trees, you are missing one of the highlights of living in old Second River.

We can look forward to the next couple of years when two thousand more trees will be added to the collection. It is just getting better and better.


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